#BBN2018: Khloe and Alex Exchange words over K. Brule… The reason is something that needs a tablet of panadol. 

I have always had this feeling that there was something wrong with Alex upstairs, was that part of the game? So unruly. 

 Khloe smokes after spat with Alex…The Big Brother Naija house took a messy turn after the new head  of house ,Khloe engaged ina war of words with Alex over K-Brule.

Khloe was drinking when her partner, K-Brule attempted to take her drink without asking.

She snapped,embarrassing him before all housemates .

Alex decided she had enough and slammed Khloe for being disrespectful to K-Brule.

In response,Khloe fired back and they threw nasty words at each other .

Khloe then proceeded to the patio where she and Teddy A smoked her anger away.

She revealed she had given up smoking but the spat with Alex who she saved alongside Leo from being put on eviction,had her worked up..

SMH… Sips panadol


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