How do I start and where? I cant believe it actually worked for me,Ever since I started my blogging career in 2015,and in the middle of 2016,I started hearing stuffs like SEO,It sounded strange to start with…not until I realised the importance after reading about it on zealmatblog,and so I started building backlinks,and the most annoying thing was that majority had no SEO importance to reduce my Alexa ranking,I went on a small research and found out,I could reduce my Alexa rank only if I get quality backlinks from websites with high domain authority,and I wondered which site in Nigeria had a high domain authority,I tried out Linda Ikeji and few other entertainment blogs in my niche…it played a vital role but I wanted something most of the bloggers I came acrossed,never had that was getting a backlink from vanguard.
Last week,I stayed day and night on vanguard observing and wondering how I could get a backlink from such mighty site,and I discovered something wonderful,and that is what am probably going to share with you,hope you are following?
How to get a Backlink from Vanguardngr.
1. Log in your chrome browser and take a smooth sail to
2.scroll down to the footer section of the blog,where you see the Privacy policy and About us pages neatly arranged,and Amongst them,you will see Forum.
Now the vanguard forum,is a subdomain of the website,a forum that is hosted under as a domain name,so we aswell can say the Vanguard forum is another part of vanguard.
3. Click on Forum and sign up to join the vanguard community.
4.After that verify your email address and wait for some hours for your account to be activated.
5. In the main time you can set your profile the way you want it and fill all the necessary formalities.
5. After your account has been approved,proceed to the discussion section and create a new discussion,give it an attractive title and write a long and lengthy post with about 2000 words and at the end you are free to add a link back to your site.
6. If you make your post on the vanguard community your daily routine at least 2 times a day…chances of at the front page of the forum is easy and it will help you alot.
7. follow the above Instructions and thank me later!!
Please Dear,Scroll down the page to leave a comment and aswell tell me what you think!!
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