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wen i came home to dave,he looked thin,pale and not willing,the moment he saw me,he told mama to send me away that i no longer love him.
“if i didnt love u…i wnt be here dave,alright i…i am sorry …bby am sorry….i shouldn’t hv done wat i did …i will never do dat again i promise”
“no….i wont forgive u…” he said with a laughter that spoke life …he was back to me…
“pls….am sorry…” i said,biting a side of my lower lips. 
“get over here crazy woman and give me a hug!” he said spreading his arms,i ran into those arms again and for a sec Dave stopped moving as i hugged him…he passed out,i was scared.. .i waited for the doctor to tell me what had happened…i almost tore his clothes and was going crazy untill he told me to calm down dave was alright.
mama came and held my shoulders,i wasnt surprised my husbands mother did not come to see her son,it was mama took care of him,i hugged her tight and never knew when i started crying.
“ozugo….its alright now….we thankgod he is alive!” she said rubbing my back.
i finally gt to see the love of my life on his feet again ,when i sat close to him he attacked me with a wild kiss that did nt stop untill mama croaked…i almost shrieked out of shame…and then i felt daves hand on my belly..rubbing it gradually and then kisses it.
Daves mother ran into the house like a woman chased by a wild dog then my mum was given dave his medicine,
“stop! stop! u want to kill him for me! my son thank God u are alive dey are in this together ” mama shouted,my mum was in shock,she has come again to put asunder..i said in my mind…dave got up and told her to get and wen she acted ardamant he threw her out of the house like a used prostitute.

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