Man kidnaps child after tricking sibling with snack

A three -year-old pupil at Gospel Nursery and Primary International School , Ahoda, Rivers State have been kidnapped.

The parents are worried about her safety after she was abducted .

The nursery 1 pupil whose name is Chibugo Onwenkwe was reportedly abducted around 8 am on February 28 , 2017.

The abduction occured shortly after she and her elder brother were dropped off by their mother a few metres from the school gate .

The abductor was said to be on a motorcycle , he had approached the siblings while they were heading towards the school gate .

He reportedly gave the victim’ s brother, eight-year-old Chibuke , N50 and asked him to buy a snack at a nearby shop , while Chibugo stayed behind .

He had whisked the girl away before Chibuke returned to the spot with the snack .

It was gathered that the primary 3 pupil went to his class , thinking that his sister had also gone to her class .

Chibugo ’ s class teacher was said to have noticed that she was absent around 11 am and went to Chibuke ’s class to ask after her .

The victim’ s father, Chibueze Onwekwe , said on Saturday that in the course of their search , a woman said she saw Chibugo being taken away on a motorcycle .

He said, “ On that day , her mother had dropped her and Chibuke off at a junction a few metres away from the school gate and headed for her place of work. That is how she had been doing.

“ Chibuke said a man sent her to buy a snack , but when he returned , he didn’ t see the man and his sister . It was around 11 am that Chibugo ’ s teacher discovered that she was not in the class . When the teacher met with Chibuke in his class , he narrated what happened.

“ A parent said while she was taking her child to the school that morning, she saw Chibugo on a motorcycle being taken away. She said she ( Chibugo ) waved at her child and that she thought the man was her relation .”

Chibueze said he reported the incident at the Ahoda Police Division , adding that a man, who claimed to know where Chibugo was being held , contacted him on the telephone and demanded N300, 000.

“ The man sent me a message on the day she was kidnapped. He said he had vital information about my daughter and that I should pay him N300, 000. I didn ’t reply to his message that day .

“ When I contacted him the next day , he suspected that I had informed the police . After I begged and assured him that I would not involve the police , he said I should pay N50 , 000 to track those who kidnapped my daughter .

“ Since I sent the money into the bank account he provided, he has stopped taking my calls, ” he added .

The victim’s mother , Evelyn, a teacher at a neighbouring school , said she was at work when her children ’s teacher informed her about the incident .

She said, “ The junction where I dropped them is a stone’ s throw from the school and a lot of pupils usually pass through the place . I was surprised when I got a call that Chibugo was not in school .

“ I rushed to the school and discovered that it was true . She is in nursery 1 and will be four years old in two months .”

The victim’s brother, Chibuke , said the abductor was dark in complexion and wore a black and white uniform .

“ The man was on a motorcycle . He gave me N50 to buy a snack . By the time I came back, I didn’ t see the man and my sister again , ” he added .


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