Man proposes to his girlfriend during church service

A young Nigerian couple have become engaged in an RCCG church service!

In a well-circulated Facebook post shared by Pastor Idowu Iluyomade who oversees Region 20 of the huge Christian movement, a young man makes his intention to marry his girlfriend known in front of God and his people – and got just the perfect answer!

Church proposal

Before he kneels down to ask for her hand in marriage, the coolly-dressed lover man gives a simple speech about the first time he set eyes on Chisom, the shy lady to whom the surprise proposal is being made.
“It’s a fulfilment of my dreams,” he says, revealing how she caught his attention in 2015 right in the church and few metres away from where his proposal is being made.

“I’m not ashamed of her; she’s become the love of my life and I want to publicly declare it,” he says before fetching the box from his pocket and asking the magic question to which Chisom answers yes, the pastor goes into a rapturous excitement and the congregation applauds and celebrates the pair.

If love can be found in a hopeless place » , how much more God’s house, right?

Congratulations to Chisom and the love of her life.


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