My Review on Tyler Perry’s ACRIMONY 

My Review on Tyler Perry's ACRIMONY

Tyler Perry’s ACRIMONY is indeed a blockbuster movie, it’s A movie that arouse emotions, hate, disgust, heartbreak, anger, Resentment, loath, if it’s misunderstood, but when it’s Understood you discover there is so much to the movie that revolves around our Daily life (especially Women).

 Tyler Perry’s ACRIMONY  has thought me a great lesson, I feel Melinda’s pain, That they went separate ways was not Robert’s fault,  it was not Melinda’s fault either,  it was the third parties that got involved. 

Melinda  lost faith in Robert at the last hour and left him out of anger for something she perceived to be true, Her sisters  where the ones that made her miss her paradise,  They got too involved with her Marital life. 

 Now Robert was now doing all the things he promised her to another woman.She was bitter and felt he used her,  I felt the hurt deeply, I understood her feelings and had to sequentially admit she had every right to feel the way she did.

Because he cheated on her when they were single with the same woman made her unable to believe him when he said he was not cheating on her, the purse in the truck? Come on you as a woman would suspect him… 

There was no way she was going to live like that she needed to hurt him, She felt he stole the better part of her then dumped her and married another woman,  She asked for divorce in anger and her sisters where encouraging her. 

Melinda has every right to be angry, It’s good as they both died together, She should have gotten more than he gave her, he should have given her half of his wealth or 30% of his wealth, he should have given her an opportunity to live the dreams he promised her.
Tyler Perry’s ACRIMONY is a lesson for Women, Don’t ever take big decisions when you are angry,If u are too angry leave the house and go somewhere to cool off don’t let anyone or third party  advice on how to marry your husband or wife.

Tyler Perry’s ACRIMONY  (2018)


Taraji P. Henson as Melinda

Lyriq Bent as Robert

Crystle Stewart as Diana

Jazmyn Simon as June

Ptosha Storey as Brenda

Director – Tyler Perry

Writer – Tyler Perry

Cinematographer – Richard J. Vialet

Editor – Larry Sexton

Composer – Christopher Lennertz

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