8 people on the most embarrassing text they have sent to the wrong person

1.how badly do you need me in you right now.i was sex chatting with my girlfriend and sent it to my sister,they had the same name jim 24

2.last night was awesome,can we do it again.i sent it to my girlfriend instead of the side chic I went out with last night mike 21

3.baby I am so horny right now,come fuck me.i was so horny I sent the message to the wrong contact,I didn’t realized until my neighbor texted back saying “u mean it?”. Amaka 19

4.am I very big down there?.sent it to my girlfriends roommate whom I was crushing on,the text was meant for my girlfriend alex 22

5.i hate the fact that I love you soo much and I cant do anything about it.my father texted back saying good to know,I didn’t know how to head home that day. Chioma 23

6. tell me anything you want and I would do it for you,I sent it with a naughty face smiley,my brother threatened to tell my parents about it,I wanted to send it to Gabriel,I liked the guy so much ,he was my bestfriend and I wanted to make it up to him for hurting him. Lilian 20

7. what if I told you I was still a virgin,would you believe? My boyfriend had been wanting to have sex with me for so long and I needed to let him know why I was not letting him have his way,instead I sent it to my mother. Mariam 19

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8.dont ever come to my room again,you pervert,you just used me and left,I was so angry at micheal,I didn’t realize when I sent it to my uncle,he kept calling back the whole day,I couldn’t pick. Racheal 2120180102_174319 See the most embarrasing Text 8 people have ever sent



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